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Why private label from Nutri-Dynamics?

Nutri-Dynamics guarantees that all the ingredients we provide are of pure quality. All products are manufactured in HACCP, ISO and FSSC22000 approved areas. 

We can take care of the whole process of starting your own brand or product line, including custom-made formulas, from concept to final product. We can are able to arrange encapsulating, tableting, mixing and filling up powders. We could basically produce any desired formula in the field of nutritional supplements, health, diet and sport.

In the field of protein powders like the ones used in sports nutrition and dietary products, we specialize in developing formulas that taste great and dissolve easily. Nutri-Dynamics has over eight years of experience in the field of nutritional supplements, dietary and health products.

We can also provide advice about the current demand in the market and about the most recent legislation on labeling and health claims.

What is the average delivery time of my private label product?
Delivery time depends on the type of product that you order. If we have the ingredients in stock and they do not need to be mixed, we can sometimes deliver within a week in the desired packaging. The packaging you chose also determines the delivery time. We have different kinds of packaging on stock or they can be delivered within days. If you prefer a special type of packaging or a special ingredient in your formula that we do not have in stock, we have to order it for you and the delivery time will be longer.
What kind of products could Nutri-Dynamics produce under private label for me?
We can supply nearly all products in the field of nutritional supplements, sports nutrition, health and weight loss products. This includes vitamins and mineral supplements, omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids, superfoods, protein shakes, meal replacements, etc.
Can Nutri-Dynamics encapsulate, tablet, mix and fill up powders?
We have an extensive range of machinery including a machine to encapsulate and tablet. We can also mix and fill up powders.
Which packaging formats are available for my own brand or product?
Virtually any desired packaging is possible. We can deliver many PET or HDPE packagings directly, as well as stand-up bags. It is also possible to supply tablets and capsules in blisters and have them delivered in cardboard boxes.

Can Nutri-Dynamics supply softgel capsules?
We have a number of formulas available in softgel capsules. We have these in stock and can deliver quick and in low volumes. If you would like to create your own custom made softgel, this is possible as of 100.000 softgel capsules.
What are the minimum order volumes if I want to set up my own brand of nutritional supplements?
The minimum quantity depends on the type of product and on whether we have the ingredients on stock. We can supply many ingredients in small volumes (starting at 6000 capsules or tablets). Tailor made formulas usually start at 100.000 capsules or tablets.
Can Nutri-Dynamics also provide the design of the packaging of my product?
We have several designers on staff who can design the packaging for you. Of course you can also submit your own design.
Does Nutri-Dynamics also supply ingredients not listed on the site?
The ingredients on our website are ingredients we often use in our formulas. It's no problem to supply a not listed ingredient if you prefer. We can provide almost any desired ingredient in the field of health, diet, beauty and sport.